Anyone Compared the Olive Opus to the Zero One?

I've read all the great reviews of the Zero One Archival Transport, but that price tag is still pretty steep ($4k and it only holds 350 CDs). Wondering if anyone has heard the $3k Olive, and if it sounds close to the Zero One. It seems to use a lossless compression scheme so it can store 1,100 CDs.
Ait ..I haven't heard either unit.Thought I would let you know a dealer on audiocircle has organized a group buy for the Olive Opus 500GB (instead of 400) and the Musica 250GB (instead of 160). The Opus and Musica he sells will have larger hard drives..which means more CD storage. His price because of the group buy is substantially less than what the version on the company site sells for. The group buy ends tomorrow. So if you want one at a good price you may want to grab one while it's hot.LOL Here's a link to the thread Group Buy for OLIVE .
The more people that join the group buy the lower the price will go.
As I understand it, the Olive Opus hasn't shipped yet, so no one has heard it. They are supposedly waiting for parts. Audiocircle has reviews of the Olive Musica (search on Olive), which you could use as a transport with an external DAC (like the Zero One). The Musica sells for less than $1500, so that leaves you room for a nice DAC.
The Olive Opus Parts are in and they should be coming off pre-order this week.

Keith Ashwood
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got my olive musica and it is fantastic! I'm sending the digital signal into a bel canto dac 2 and then my tube preamp.
I just got my Musica last week, and am also very pleased! I don't have an external DAC, which I hope to be able to dig into in the future as funds allow.

- Eric
How does the playback from the Olive HD sound compared to direct from the CD: better, same, or worse? I have heard claims that HD playback can sound better than CD.
Do these units have internal ADCs, and if so how do they sound for dubbing vinyl?
Ait- There's a very long thread about the Opus at:

I doubt that out of the box, it sounds better than hiend
CDPs or Transport/DAC combos.

Zaikesman- all the Olives have ADCs, since they all use the same AC97 chip.
Yikes! Just read the Audiocircle thread, and I think I'll wait a bit for this technology to mature...