Anyone Compared the KRELL 650MC to Pass XA200s?

I really need and would appreciate the truth to this...
KRELL 650 MC to PASS XA 200 Mono blocks...
Please help us with the speaker match so we know more about your system. Without that info I can say that you should have speakers that are sweet and rich with those amps as they are bright and then. The Krell is the brightest of both of them and tends to be grainy. If you have speakers that are dull and lack control in the bass they would work well though.
Either Avalon Osiris or Wilson Benesch..
Sorry I completely forgot ^^
Used to own a Krell FPB600 driving Eidolons. Auditioned an XA160 but it had trouble bringing out the bass on the Eidolons. The Pass was wonderfully sweet however through an Eggleston Andra.
The Krell would be a below average match with Avalon Osiris. Avalon's are ruthless with detail and will show off the hard sound the Krell has. Look at the Pass or better yet some big tubes like VTL 750's or the like. (LAMM) In solid state amps look at Gryphon, Essence, Coda, or any lush solid state amp.

Your assement is correct and I fully agree, I guess I fell that I am not alon in my thoughts and oppinon.
I realize that Tubes are so my more musical, I have owned a lot Krells and this is the last one, I have an PASS X-1000 for while and I thought they were so much more detailed and "MUSICAL", however I gave them up to XA 200 because the bass was just too loose. I heard Kharma and LAMM set up last week, thought it it was sweet as hell.

Grypho, I heard had the most energy and power, but they cost as much as 2 pair of XA 200s, I meant the Anthilion Signetures. So I kind of hung between 2 pairs of XA200 or a single mono block of Anthilion Sigs. I wanted to ask the following because I loved the Krells in the past and
I needed second opinion before I traded them for XA 200s.

since you mentioned it, I have also tried the Antileon Signatures (stereo) with the Eidolons. They were an excellent match with even more accurate bass than the Krells with the warmth of valves. I would certainly make the effort to consider or audition the Gryphons.
If you would like to email me, I could forward you some correspondence with Gryphon regarding compatibility with Avalons.