Anyone compared Tesla Precision Ref vs. Apex?

Has anyone been able to compare the Synergistic Research Tesla Precision Reference interconnect to the Tesla Apex? (Or to the Acoustic Reference for that matter.) Was the difference very noticable? If so, how? Was the difference worth the cost differential in your opinion?

Or do you know of any other reviews comparing the different versions of the Tesla cables?

Yes. They are voiced very different. The Prec. Ref is an upgraded Accelerator. It is very neutral and fast.

The Apex is an upgraded Acoustic Ref and is a bit warmer and bigger sounding with more body.

SR recommends the Prec. Ref. from preamp to amps, and the Apex from source to preamp.

I have had it set up that way with Apex speaker cables in my system and they are decent sounding for their price point.

Would you consider the Apex worth the price increase over the Acoustic Reference, assuming price is an object? Is the sound significantly better or just a slight bit better?
Let's put any price difference aside for the moment.

For the sake of comparison... the Apex I/C and Prec. Ref. I/C were voiced quite differently, in my experience.

I don't think there is a "significantly better" per say, rather one cord or the other will be more along the lines of a "better fit" for any given system.

One is voiced for neutrality, speed, and extension. The other is voiced trying to retain those benefits, however with adding some warmth and body.

It all depends on what is a better fit for your system. Some may prefer to "tone" a system in one direction or the other... which way is up to the individual.

I would highly recommend auditioning both in your system and do a comparison with your own ears prior to purchase. This is a lot of money to spend from "advice" of the forums. Look up your local SR dealer and they should have demo cords for you to try in your system. If not, contact one that does.

Best of luck on your journey!