anyone compared Outlaw to High-end?

has anyone compared Outlaw Audio to stuff like Rogue, Krell, Plinius, Odyssey?

I want a pre that can pull duty in HT that will give top-notch 2-channel performance. I've almost decided on a Rogue with the HT bypass but this new Outlaw 950 pre/pro looks interesting. Just wondering how well Outlaw really stacks up against the big boys?
no, but i once watched "a clockwork orange" and "barry lyndon" back-to-back. -cfb
Hey,Kel 'you want to have to stay after school--again?I do echo your sentiments tho.--"Outlaw" the movie was pretty good;as well a Hang 'Em High". But I never did the back to back thing on 'em.
Hell, CFB, if you want to watch a REALLY wierd movie, rent a Japanese avant-garde film called "Tetsuko: The Iron Man". Truly in a league by itself. Maybe pair it with one of Akiro Kurosawa's stranger films, and you'd have a evening that should suit even Dr. Bizarro....
Know one knows. It isn't available yet. Should start shipping in 30 days.
sdcambell: thanx for the tetsuko suggestion. i've seen most of kurosawa's films, at least those available in the usa. IMO, "ran" is one of the 10 best movies ever made. -cfb