Anyone compared new Shunyata cords with old?

I was just wondering if anyone has had a chance to compare the new Taipan and Python Alphas to the older versions. I would appreciate a description of the sonic differences and are they worthy upgrades. Thanks.
i just replaced a pair of taipans with taipan alphas on my preamp and poweramp. the bleached midrange is gone, the colors are back. in particular the cymbals have real-to-life shimmer. something i have never heard in my system before.

is it a worthy upgrade? you are the only one who can judge that. definately worth a listen though.
I just replaced my Top Gun HFC-i on my Levinson 335 with an Anaconda AX and a PS Audio Lab Cable II on my 390S with an Anaconda VX. What a huge difference! Articulation was greatly improved and the general presentation seemed as if a veil has been removed allowing one to hear "into" the music.