anyone compared mod'd Sony999es & Philips963sa's?

Anyone had an opportunity to listen to and compare these models, when modified to a similar/same level?

If so, give your 2-channel CD AND SACD comparisons please.

Also, please mention who did the mods and to what level & cost?

Thanks and happy listening!
I haven't heard a modded 999es, but the 999es straightup blows away the MSB/Adcom combo I used to have, it's not even a contest, nothing subtle about it, the bass is perhaps a tad "large" not slow, just a little more prominent, than I am used to.

The 999es is an excellent player, the 963 is a bit behind in just about all sound areas.

To mod a player, go with the 963 as the overall cost will be less or go with a 999es and leave it alone.

My choice is hereby published.