Anyone compared McIntosh MC352 and 602?

I think about buying one of these amps. As I live in Moscow, where there is no dealer with both amps on display, I'd like to know your experience. Has anyone compared the two amps? Is there a sonic difference, or ist the 602 simply more powerful and the difference only audible if you turn it up real loud? I can afford the 602, but is it worth the $ 3000 difference? I'd like to drive it with my McIntosh C200-preamp, using LAT IC-200 interconnects and speaker cables to my Shahinian Diapason.
Thanks for any input.
According to my buddy who is a MC dealer, the 602 is a slightly more advanced and recent design than the 352. I have heard the 602 only and it sounds very good, detailed and even warm at low volumes as well as higher volumes. You might consider it a final purchase. I have heard it on dynamic and electrostatic speakers. It was more musical than the big ML 336 he had - we heard them in the same system using my CDs.
I personlly like them both equally. The 602 seems to have a little more power but the 352 a little more finesse. They both have amazing soundstage, musicality, and impart good weight to the music. They were pushing B&W N801 with a Proceed CDP. They are both on my best-of list and you cannot go wrong with either IMO. Arthur
The 352 is being replaced with the 402, 400 watts per channel. You may want to consider that one. I have a 202 in my office very nice power amp.