Anyone compared Guerrilla PC's to anything...?

I was recently looking into power cords once again, considering a new cord for my Shanling T-100, and came across the Guerrilla website. Has anyone tried these power cords...? Has anyone compared them to any of the following cords:

PS Audio
Acoustic Zen Tsunami
Virtual Dynamics Signature Reference
Belden Firewire
Signal Cable
Harmonic Technologies

Reviews seem to be hard to come by for these cords...
Here's the site:
I have. I replaced my Signal Cable PC with Guerrilla Audio's PC on my Art Audio Vinyl 1 pre. I also switched out my speaker cables and IC's as well. I am most pleased with the resulted up grade.
I have tried his rca's and speaker cables, and found them to equal or surpass any of the dozens of cables I have tried up to 8x the price of the Guerrilla cables. However, I have not yet tried his PC's to this point.
Vernon, which ICs were you using? And did you replace them with Guerilla Silver or Copper?