Anyone compared Gryphon Poseidon to Alexandria's?

I prefer Rock, Pop and some Classical Music!
I can't even count to those figures.
To be honest I do not think anyone on the planet could listen an AB comparison on these speakers at the same dealer with same equipment and can express an opinion.

So trust your ears only.
I absolutely love my Wilson's but my Dealer thinks the Poseidon's are far superior!!
From the look of things your room is small. I see no way Poseidons would work in it and think the Alexandrias are cramped as well. Before you spend another dollar I strongly recommend a larger room with proper attention to acoustics.
Hi Essentialaudio,
I have moved house and now have a room that is just over 10 metres x 5.5 metres with some custom made corner traps!
I will update the pictures soon. The conversation I had with a staff member at my dealer was relating to Alexandria Series 1's not the Series 2's as this would be a whole different comparison that has not yet even been considered.

Bigpond: That's more like it! I haven't heard the Poseidons except briefly at shows, so cannot comment. Another speaker you may wish to consider is the Rockport Arrakis.