Anyone compared GoldenEar Triton 7 with Triton Reference?

Hi folks -- newbie here.

Has anyone compared GoldenEar Triton 7s with GoldenEar Triton References?

Asking because I have Triton 7s + subwoofer, and am looking to upgrade. So I auditioned [7’s + subwoofer] and References side by side at 2 different dealers, playing my own music, and switching back and forth repeatedly between the two sets. To my ears, the References provided maybe 40% bigger soundstage, and maybe 5-10% better detail and clarity. This was surprising to me, given the large difference in price points: $8.5K for Reference vs. maybe $3K for Triton 7 + sub. (Maybe my ears aren’t experienced enough to appreciate the differences...?)

Has anyone directly compared the 7s and Refs in similar listening environments? How did you think they compared?  (How much better did you think the Refs were...?)

@ieales -- thanks for your input. BTW, in case it’s of interest to you, I just found a video where the Spatial Audio designer explains things in a way that was more understandable to me than what’s on the Spatial website:

@jackd -- Thanks for the additional information. I did see another rant in an entirely different place with almost identical wording to the one at AC -- not sure what’s going on with that poster(s). BTW, I definitely would like to hear more about your listening impressions of the M3TM and Nola KO.  Would you be willing to post them here? -- I think they would be interesting to many, especially as it seems difficult to find a lot of first-hand knowledge about either of these speakers. Or I could PM you if you prefer.
Just sticking my nose in here. I have Triton 1s and have NEVER found the sweet spot constrained. Quite the opposite.
@secretguy — Thanks for the information.  It seems like most people with Goldenear Tritons don’t find the sweet spot constricted, although of course some do, as mentioned on this thread.  I myself haven’t felt that issue with the 7s — just looking for bigger sound. 

So do you like your Triton 1s?  I think I saw a thread somewhere from July where you were “trying” to like them...
This is in response to Winefix's post:

I guess I'm a little confused with your post about the cheap parts used In GoldenEar Tref's but mention in the next paragraph how your spatials use cheap eminence woofers? And some  kind of French driver's? Am I to believe that the cheap parts in the GE's aren't capable of producing a quality sound such as the cheap eminence driver?

Could you elaborate on the cheap parts in the GE's, I'd like to know who builds the GE driver's and crossovers. 

I myself am looking for two channel mains. I've never owned GE, I don't work for them either, I've never even heard one.

But I have been doing research, and again I am confused about the GE's, all of the audio shows I've watched that have GE listening rooms have the Tref's in two channel setups with seemingly impressed audiophile audiences, so if what you are saying is correct why would any of the audiophiles present even consider listening to these cheaply made house sound speakers and expect anything of use in two channel offerings?

Certainly they know as much as you do pertaining to audiophile parts?

I am a noob in the two channel arena and my questions mean no disrespect, just gleaning knowledge where I can.
Hello all -- I thought I’d provide an update for anyone who is interested:

Since I started this thread, I’d been researching various different speakers as an upgrade to my Triton 7’s, with many possible ideas coming from suggestions on this thread as well as other threads here on AG. I only managed to audition one additional speaker (Revel F228Be) and liked it, but just wasn’t sure how it would sound in my large problematic L-shaped room, and couldn’t justify a purchase of that magnitude without home audition, which the dealer wasn’t willing to provide.

Then, over Thanksgiving, I saw a promotion for SVS SB12-NSD subs substantially discounted at $400 each. Knowing that SVS allows free returns, I purchased a pair, just to see if subs would help with the bigger sound that was one of the main things I didn’t feel I was getting from my T7’s in my room.

I had thought that the TRefs when I auditioned them only provided ~40% bigger sound than my T7’s (IMO), and these two entry-level subs get me at least 20-30% bigger sound (IMO). With the subs, I can "feel" the bass and mid-bass, and it seems to me that some of the mid-range is fuller as well. To me, all of that adds up to a substantial improvement in depth/bigger sound. (In contrast, my Hsu 15-inch sub hadn’t seemed to help much, perhaps because it’s positioned in the corner of the "L" that is my room -- that sub’s size doesn’t allow any other positioning).

I would still like a little more detail, but upgrading the T7's is no longer feeling *urgent*. Thanks to all who provided various input, and especially to @jackd and @winefix, who germinated the idea of multiple subs.