Anyone compared epos 12.2 to monitor audio rs-6?

I'm finally upgrading from my old dcm tf700s and was told I would have to look at a $1000 speaker to move up verses sideways. My components are an old sony es cd player, nad 216amp, and adcom gtp 350 preamp. My budget is really between $500-$600 for a used speaker. In Richmond,Va. there isn't too much selection, but I did listen to the monitor audio rs6 and loved it, my dcms were muddy compared to it. I haven't had a chance to listen to a epos yet, but on Friday I hope to. I can get both speakers used for near the price point I want, just wondered if anyone has listened to both and what you think.
For a short time, I owned the RS-6s and in another room, and another house, and another system, owned the EPOS ES-12s, not the 12.2. I won't get into matters of preference, or audio memory, but I will say that IMHO the right size room for the MAs is larger than the room that the 12s sounded best in. I don't think that both of these will work optimally in the same size room.