Anyone compared Critical Mass and Finite Elemente?

I'm interested in the Critical Mass Grand Master isolation platforms, but I have no experience with them at all. I've been planning to buy Finite Elemente's Pagode Master Reference rack shortly, but seeing these CMS platforms, well.. They're just pretty! ;)

Did anybody in here have a chance to hear both with the same or similar gear?

The Pagode racks have been more or less the benchmark for years, at least here in Europe. It would be really interesting to know if these new CMS platforms & racks are comparable, or even better?
Before you buy racks, stands, I suggest you check out the Grand Prix Audio gear. Sonically, it is the best many have tried, nyself included. They should handily outperform the Finite Elemente and critical mass, especially if you max the Grand Prix out with the updated racing shelf and Apex feet.
I just purchased a Finite Element Master Reference, plus 1 set of Cerebases (under the stand) and 2 sets of Cerapucs.

I rec'd it from my dealer on Sunday afternoon. Just before the 3 day ice storm.

He also carries the Grand Prix and did say he liked em better as did bkonig. I just didn't like the way they look in my room. Couldn't get past it. I was very close to a SRA Craz rack, but I really like my dealer here so I went with one of his offerings.

Wow. The Finite Elemente has really improved the sound. I can't say how happy I am with it. I am still getting a used to it. But nothing went backwards. I moved from a Arcici Suspense with Symposium Ultra shelfs. It's a definite unmistakable improvement.

I can't comment on the Critical Mass. I am sure they are great too. Bottom line, I don't think you'll go wrong with any of these. Good luck !
Hi Osgorth,

I have been extremely happy with the latest version (the Black label) of the Critical Mass Grand Master (GM) platforms. I have one under my CD player and two under the two monoblock amps. A fourth GM will arrive soon for my subwoofer amp. The level of realism, naturalness, musicality, and involvement the GMs added to my system is breath-taking. The huge improvement is over and above what I had already achieved with a variety of well-regarded (and expensive) isolation/damping devices which the GMs replaced.

The noise floor was lowered dramatically, resulting in a significant decrease of distortion. There is now much more perceived detail and more easily perceived nuance. Cleaner, clearer, crisper, purer sound; more focused images, better separation of instruments, deeper soundstage; greater extension at both ends of the frequency spectrum; improved macro- and micro-dynamics; quicker and crisper transients; improved coherence and PRAT; purer harmonic texture; etc. The bottom line for me was the significant enhancement of musicality and involvement.

The Grand Master is a sophisticated device that converts unwanted vibrations (airborne, component, structural, and its own) into heat. Joe Lavrencik, the brains behind the GM, was recently granted a patent for his devices. Very helpful. A true gentleman. The same can be said for his dealer Brent Rainwater of Rainwater Audio (843-665-6113).

On the practical side: The GM is transferable between components that are less than 130 lbs. (GMs for heavier components can be built.) So, your investment is less risky if you should change components. Also, you can "dial-it-in" for optimal isolation/damping, and customize it for your individual sonic preferences. There is built-in headroom and flexibility.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Critical Mass or Rainwater Audio.

Best Regards,