anyone compared audio note m2 pre to jadis dpl pre

wondering if anyone has compared these 2 preamps or actually heard either one. type of setup etc... input is appreciated.
p.s. what about the cj premier 3 preamp ?
Yes, had the opportunity to listen both extensively. The DPL is a bit too slow and dark sounding for my taste. Yes its lush but it lacks details that the M2 can flesh out very well. The M2 is a modern sounding preamp comparable to a fast, detailed, transparent s/s pre-amp yet never fatiguing, harsh. The M2 matched also well to a wide variety of gears, the DPL matched well to jadis gears, plinius, krells. Overall, I'd take the M2 over the Jadis.
thanks johnsy. what about the low end ? i think i decided on a cj premier 3. it has had rave reviews. i now have a blue circle bc-3. very dynamic , very transparent, but no real bass. my pv-5 seems to show the colors of music better than the bc-3. very enjoyable to listen to.