Anyone compared AR HD 220 to Accuphase P-7000?

I am trying to pick a more musical power amp to replace a ML 334 in my main system. Narrowed it (currently, anyway) to 2 very different possibilities - the AR HD 220 and the Accuphase P-7000. The rest of the system consists of AR REF3, AR CD7, ML 390S, SF Auditor Ms, and a REL B-2. Any thoughts or other suggestions?

As always, thank you in advance!
Have you considered an AR VS115? I love how it sounds with a REF 3 and CD7.
In a head to head comparison with the HD 220 the 115 was clearly a winner for me. Certainly sounded more musical to me. Another option to consider.
Please go with the VS115...I had the same gear with the HD220...the amp sucks and should be pulled from the market. Nice of the press to give ARC a pass, isn't it!

Thanks to Chucktone and Dave_b for your comments. I am auditioning the HD220 at home this week. It is superior (as expected) to the ML 334 in every way.

Dave_b - Could you please tell me specifically why you feel the HD220 "sucks". I have not yet heard the VS115 but so far, I am liking what I am hearing with the HD220. Of course, that is in relation to the ML 334.
Had em all. The HD220 offers great detail at the expense of warmth, sweetness and roundedness. Wonder why the HD220 is not reviewed when all the other new ARC offerings are examined almost immediately?

Dave_b - Thanks for the specifics. I am a long-time SS guy who is only now making the transition to tubes, and so I am still learning exactly what to listen for as I audition equipment with tubes. Tubes certainly present the music in a much more musical way than the SS gear I own or have previously owned/heard. In example, I can't get over how much better (to me, anyway) the ML 390S sounds when it is run through the ARC REF3, regardless of whether the HD220 or the ML 334 is used. So far, every upgrade choice I have made has been "just right" for me, and I want to make sure I achieve the same result with changing the power amp. Your comments and those from Chucktone have been very helpful and are appreciated.

No one has commented specifically on the Accuphase P-7000. Does anyone have any guidance/thoughts to share on how that amp might work with the system I have built thus far?
hi, I have not heard the vs115, but I was at a friends house during a shootout between a hd 220 and rogue audio appollo monos both priced the same, and the hd220 lost badly, the rogues were better in every single way from the bass on up, and soundstaging was in a different world than the audio research , the speakers were revel studio 2s. I think the rogues would give the mighty ref 250s a run for the money at half the cost. ps I work part time at a dealer that sells both, good luck , chrissain