Anyone compared any MIT Oracles to 850 CVT Refs?

I have Spectral electronics with all MIT cabling and was considering upgrading the speaker cables to my Avalon Opus. I'm currently using MIT 850 CVT Refs and have read and heard good things about the Oracle series cables and was wondering if anyone out there has first hand experience with the differences.
The Oracle cables (there are several versions) in the VI,V2,V3, (ultra-wide version) and Prism versions offer a considerable improvement over the 850. However they can only be used w/ DMA150 and newer designs. They can't be used w/ the smaller amps (DMA 90, DMA100 etc. Also, they will not work w/ the DMA 180 Series. The Oracle design has a much lower noise floor, better tonality, more dimensioality and greater bass extension and control. It creates a greater field of energy, and subtle phase and time information is more apparent. A good test of this is to listen to Keith Johnson's Reference Recordings. As is the case w/ any component matching, a specific list of your components is needed in order to make the best recommendation.
The man from Overture is right on the money. 'twas only after I replaced the 850s with the Oracle V2 (V1 I could'nt afford), that my Spectral DMA 360 monos started to really sing! It was a spectacular step forward in all the important parameters. Obvious, not subtle. Cheers,
I totaly agree with both of the previous replies. I recently replaced my 850 refs with Oracle V1 Prisms and it was a major upgrade (Spectral DMC 30 / Spectral DMA 360's.)
Thanks everyone. I currently have a Spectral DMA-150 Series 2 coupled with a DMC-20 II preamp. As you all know, the Oracles are quite pricey to say the least. What makes these cables upgradable, where all the other MIT stuff gets aoutdated almost every other year or so?
On price, check with Joe Abrams through Audiogon. He may be able to locate a used or demo Oracle at a better price than new cables will cost.
The cables are upgradable because they are modular. The cable detaches from the network box, and so in principle can be mixed and matched with future upgraded network boxes. Or you can move up the Oracle line by buying just the next level box. Or change cable lengths and keep the box, etc.
I also agree that the Oracle is the best MIT [speaker] cable I've heard.