Anyone compared after-market,


I believe that there are sonic improvements to be had when upgrading stock fuses to after-market fuses (such as Audio Magic, Synergistic Research, Audio Horizons, Hi Fi Tuning, etc, etc). To make things a bit more interesting, some of these manufactures of after-market fuses have different models of fuses also.
Has anyone done any comparing of these after-market fuses? If so, please include your thoughts regarding:
1. What fuse makes and models have you used or compared?
2. What piece of gear (ie, amplifier or preamp), and in what position you inserted the fuse (ie, rear panel a/c, internal line)?
3. Did you experiment with fuse direction?
4. Your view on the sonic attributes of the fuses you inserted.
I plan on upgrading the rear panel a/c fuse on my class D "NewClear" amplifier.
In advance, thanks for sharing your thoughts!
If you live in the US try The Cable Company. They specialize in lending out demo components so you can try before you buy. They'll send you any fuses you want to here.
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Before putting one in a power amp, better read what Roger Modjeski discovered about them. Check the Music Reference/RAM Labs forum for the details.
Zd452, if you blow the fuse do you have to pay for it?
"08-07-15: Taters
Zd452, if you blow the fuse do you have to pay for it?"

Fuses are meant to be blown. Its part of their job description. So, if one blows, that proves the fuse is in good working order. Why would you have to pay for something that's not broken?