Anyone compare Tidal and Spotify Premium Sound?

I've used Spotify Premium for months. I sometimes stream it to my Creek 5350se and Totem Arros via a Gramofon. I think the Gramofon has a decent/fair DAC. Spotify Premium streams at 320kbps.

I tried Tidal's premium hifi feature today.

I ended up comparing tracks from the two services. Tidal clearly sounds better. CLEARLY.

And this is coming from a guy who thinks a solid gauge lamp cord speaker wire is generally fine.

I'm going to stay with Tidal and now work on getting it to a DAC (somehow) at the Creek.

Digital can sound so good.
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I agree that Tidal is an excellent music streaming service.
I'm pretty sure you can get a DAC card for your Creek, and its not too expensive.
Thanks! I ordered one from Audio Advisor.