Anyone compare the Transporter and other USB DACS?


I have been thinking about adding a squeezebox to my system for sometime and have now discovered that Slim Devices has developed a product called the transporter! I was wondering if anyone had compared the two units, and also if anyone had compared them to any other well known PC DAC such as the Benchmark-1 or the Ps audio Link DAC 3. I now have somewhere around 50 Days worth of music downloaded onto my network drive using apple lossless, so I am already headed in the "right" direction; I am just wondering where to go from here.

Additionally, I am thinking that if I purchase either a squeezebox or Transporter, most likely they are just going to end up as ways to feed my Classe DAC-1...which is why in addition I have also been thinking about units that change USB signal to a digital audio signal via Coax and then feeding this signal into my DAC....all different ideas and different ways to go. Any thoughts?

Thanks for any input,

The Transporter is the audiophile version of the Squeezebox. Check out the very positive review of the Transporter in the February 2007 issue of Stereophile. You should be able to get it online.

You may also be interested to know that, Dan Wright, of ModWright, modifies the Transporter and has told me that the sound far surpasses that of his modified Sony's, which have gotten rave reviews.