Anyone compare the Simaudio I-5LE to the I-5.3?

Just curious if anyone has conducted a bake-off between the two integrated amps, and what your impressions were. I did hear the LE once, which was something truly special, and I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on a purchase... many thanks in advance!
The I-5 sounded beautiful, and was the most tube-like solid state integrated that I've heard. Lots of detail with no harshness. Built like a tank. I haven't heard the LE, so I don't know how much different it might be.
I havn't done a bake off between the two, but I bought an I5.3 replacing my arcam integrated. My first response was how fast and articulate the amlifier is.
3 1/2 months later, of going through many sound changes, it is stunning. Highly recommended.
I also have the I5.3 and love it with my Contour 1.4's. My understanding is that the I5.3 includes the LE's electronics but with more power. Sim also gives a 10 year warranty!