Anyone compare the Pass X-250 vs Sim W-5??

I am looking for persons who have compared the two amps in the same system. I am interested in details of each amps strengths and weaknesses. I would be using them to drive the Talon Khorus speakers. I am putting together a second system.

I heard both in different systems. Both are very musical with barely noticable weaknesses. If there is one weakness that you may notice is a tendency towards dryness (they both have it, but the W5 is slightly less dry). Both amps represent excellent value in their price range with the nod going to the X-250. Dynaudios are great with W5, Verity Audio are very nice with X-250.
Hi Btstrg. just curious what you ended up with. I am currently looking at these two amps also.
I don't think I've ever heard a SS amp that wasn't dry when compared to tube amps. If you read reviews on each of these amps you'll find that every reference to "dry" is made in comparison to tube amps. For the record neither amp is as dry as Bryston, Mark Levinson, Krell, etc. I agree that the W5 is the less dry of the 2. Leave it powered on at all times and put a tube preamp in front of it and you shouldn't have any concerns with dryness.

Both amps are excellent. They each have their trade offs in system synergy. The W5 mates easier with preamps esp the tube variety. The W5 doesn't go well with open-baffle and transmission-line speaker designs because these type speaker designs don't work well with high damping factor power amps.

Galen Carol Audio is a dealer for both manufacturers. I would give him a call if you still need more feedback.