Anyone compare the MC2301's to ARC Ref amps?

I have the Ref 110, am considering the 2301's. I know 300 watts is a tremendous advantage in iteself. Aside from that, has anyone compared the 2301's to any of the ARC Ref amps?
Sorry, no I haven't -- want some feedback on the MC2301's? IMO, the punch and detail they offer makes them the last amps I'll ever buy. They have a nice warmth & the midrange is nice and airy - unrestricted, very open and delicate. As I reported elsewhere, without a doubt what I would say is their greatest positive benefit is they have tremendous, I mean TREMENDOUS amount of attack or detail. For instance when an instrument is plucked or struck; cymbals are cymbals and brushes are realistic as can be. Voices and background instruments are there in spades. Quiet passages are dead quiet & background instruments which I did not hear before or as clearly with previous amps are positioned within the soundstage. I can't explain the Unity Coupled/Quad Balanced Differential design of these amps (resulting in the lowest noise levels ever achieved in a McIntosh tube amplifier), but along with the 300 + watts, believe it's what makes these amps shine. Additionally & especially is their ability for detail in micro dynamics; being musical & very linear even at low volumes (which the wife appreciates).
Highly recommend an audition.