Anyone compare the Earmax headphone amp

I've been thinking about upgrading my headphone amp. I currently use creek's obh-11 amp with the upgraded psu, a pair of sennheiser hd580's, and an arcam alpha7 cd player. I enjoy this setup but I have heard these phones sound better/different (especially with vocals and midrange detail) with other eguipment that was far out of my price range, and I'm hoping an amp would get me where I want to be. The earmax is just in my range at $575 US. plus it looks really cool. any suggestions
Hi Proud1, last week i listened to the little tubed Earmax/Senn 600 combo directly thru an Adcom CD player? I didn't wait around very long for the Earmax to warm up. The salesman connected up and i listened for a few min. What i heard was the typical smooth, magical midrange with decent detail that tube gear is well known for. The bass was there but could have been more extended. The combo was not transparent. The sound was dirty. I own the Grado RS-2/RA-1 combo run thru a Classe pre and transport. The Grado phones and headamp were superior sounding to me than the Earmax/600 i listened to. But again the tubes were stock and not warmed up but for a few minutes and its not fair to compare the source used. But i will conclude that the Earmax has a fair amount of haze but offers decent tube sound. Hopefully someone can elaporate more.
I own Senn HD580 and Grado RS2 cans and use the Creek OBH 11
amp in main system. Right now I am using RS2 straight from portable at my computer, sounds quite good!

I have considered Grado RA1 amp, and would be a step-up in sound from Creek, but battery cost can be significant over time. I believe Grado requires two 9 volt batteries ($6-7)for 40hrs use, I would need to change at least once a month
for annual cost of $70+

If you like tubes the Antique Audio MG Head amp is very cheap retail $279 and looks very cool, here is picture:
I might get one just because they look cool!
You might want to look into the Earmax Pro instead. It has increased drive capability and better parts.

I have not heard the regular Earmax but the Pro version definitely doesn't have a problem with bass extension - it goes right to the bottom. It also kills everything below $700 IMO.

The MG-Head DT is good for the price but the Earmax Pro is far, far, better.
I've not heard the Earmax Pro (but it appears I should!) but the regular Earmax was simply too colored for me to enjoy fully. However, tubes themselves don't seem to be the problem since I use a Mesa Tigris integrated tube amp for my head amp. It used to serve full duty but I upgraded pre and power with no headphone socket in the pre. So I kept the Mesa because it works so well with the Senn 600's! Gotta check out that Earmax Pro! I do use the Trimax monoblock tubed power amps so am familiar with what that company can do. 25 class A watts of pure bliss!