Anyone compare the Bat 51se with ARC Ref 3?

Anyone compare the Bat 51se with ARC Ref 3? Amp is x350.5 into Avalon Diamonds.
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I owned the BAT 51SE for awhile and currently own the Audio Research REF 3. The short answer is that the REF 3 was quite a bit better in my system. The REF 3 has more body and presents the soundstage much better than the 51SE. The BAT did have better dynamics and a bit snapier transients, but at times tended to sound a bit more compressed. Some have mentioned that the BAT has an impeadance mismatch with Mark Levinson amps. I dunno, but it may explain the sound characteristics I experienced. The REF 3 does everything very well and is quite a bargain. There may be better line stages out there, but for the money you would be hard pressed to find one. My current system is Avalon Eidolon Visions, Mark Levinson 33,Audio Research REF 3, All cabling is Purist Audio Dominus.
Very nice system you got there. I am too curious about the ARC Ref 3 preamp. I own the First Sound Presence Paramount SE. You ever got a chance to compare the Presence vs. ARC? Thanks.

Thanks for the kind words. As far as comparing the REF 3 to the Sound Presence Paramount SE I have not had the pleasure of hearing that particular unit.


Chuck, if you could get your hands on a Pass Labs 350.5, you might be very impressed. I have a Ref2 driving the 350.5 into Avalon Ascents. I and another member of our audio club had ARC preamps driving ML 33 power amps and after switching to the 350.5 our system performance improved in every aspect except the bottom end of the base.
Wow, what coincidence! I have Avalon Diamonds.

I am wondering about the ASR Emiiter I exclusive but no local dealers to audition. I am trying to refrain from buying unheard. I value the airiness and bloom from a tube preamp and ASR sounds like a great SS amp. I keep trying to find non tube equipment that have tube qualities and I keep getting disappointed.