Anyone compare Sony SCD-CE595 and Music Hall CD25?

I have an axiom passive preamp with only one input so Im limited to one source. Ive had my Music Hall CD25 for 2 years and Im very happy with the sound but I would also like to play SACDs and have a changer. Have any Music Hall owners (or people who have heard the cd25) listened to the new SCD-CE595? The price is right and I can get an extended BB warranty. Any SCD-CE595 owners want to post a quick review?
For redbook CD playback, replacing the Music Hall CD 25 with the SONY 595 would be a mistake. The Music Hall has a depth and musical quality to its sound that the SONY just does not have ... the 595 sounds like an entry level player with redbook CD's. You will need to spend decent bucks to acquire a combination unit that will equal the CD 25 for redbook playback.

I have also read in Audio Asylum about reliability problems with the SONY 595, so you may wish to search around in some of their digital/hi rez forums. I have owned both a Music Hall CD 25 for 3 years with no problems and a SONY SCD 555 for 4 years with no problems, but occasional quirks. Quite frankly what has become disturbing with owning SONY digital products is that you read about reliability problems quite often and equally disturbing horror stories in dealing with SONY repair facilities to correct these problems. If it is not the shed motor, it is the laser ... if it is not the laser, it is the sporadic audible whirring noises during SACD playback. You begin to think that it is just a matter of time before your SONY unit will require servicing. This is not meant to tee off on SONY, a company whose hifi products I have owned for almost 30 years. But the feedback does have its effect. For example, I am considering buying a DVD hard drive recorder and I like the Sony's, but I will probably go with Panasonic because of SONY's declining reputation for reliability.

Regards, Rich
Thanks Rich! I have actuallt had decent experiences with Sony repair. The first time they repaired an MD unit for me and got it back within a month even though the warranty had just expired. The 2nd time they screwed up a repair of some Studio headphones and replaced them with a new pair.

I would really like an ES unit like the 222ES but they are still around $300. I really like the Music Hall sound but would also like to have a changer with SACD capabilities. I saw some new Yamahas but dont know anything about them. Have you heard any of the ES SACD units?
If you can find a used SCD333 ES or SCD555 ES in good shape, it may be worth it. These were the more affordable, tank-like build SONY ES SACD changers from a few years back. As I mentioned before, I have owned the SCD555 ES for 4 years with no problems. Buying a used SACD/CD player might be a questionable thing to do, since CD players are probably the first components in the chain to require servicing.

Of the new CD/SACD/DVD ES changers, the SONY DVP NC 555ES looks promising. Crutchfield has a no interest; no payment for 18 months option, which looks sweet, as well.

Regards, Rich