Anyone compare Simaudio P8 vs P7?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has compared the new Simaudio Evolution line of preamps? Is the P8 worth more than double the price of the P7? I have only heard the P8 paired to some Dynaudios and it sounded fantastic. Thanks in advance.
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No idea on your question, though I'm interested too. I have the W-10's paired with the Dynaudio C2's and it does sound fantastic.
kthomas, it looks like we are having no luck. I know Stereophile will be coming out with a review of the P8 shortly, though I still want to know how it sounds in comparison to the P7.

Do you mind if I ask your opinions of the w10? How does it sound (warm, bright ,aggressive ,etc)? What are its strengths and weaknesses? I am considering the new w7 monoblocks. Thanks in advance.