Anyone compare Shindo vs. Mastersound?

I have a Shindo Aurieges/Montille combination that i love. But, being the audiophool i am, i was looking at a Mastersound 845 integrated here on the'gon.
Anyone have a chance to hear both of these? My speakers are Living Voice IBX's, and my room is 22x15x8
being a Shindo amp/pre amp owner myself, if you really have the itch to upgrade why dont you stay with Shindo and just move up the line? I bought a Haut Brion & Masseto last Fall and couldnt be happier.
I got a couple of pm's from people who have heard both and they said stick with Shindo and move up the ladder when you can.
I agree, stick with Shindo. If you're starting out with their entry level stuff and think that's good, there's lots of upside for you, even if you're rich.... :)
I have the MasterSound 845 integrated you refer to in your post. It is an excellent integrated with very sweet highs and relatively authoratative bass for an 845 based integrated. Build quality is second to none and in my opinion one of those sleepers folks rarely talk about. Having no experience with Shindo, I can't make the comparison. If the price is right, go for it. You can always resell it.
They are from different camps IMO. Shindo is smooth, round, easy to the ears sort of sound. Mastersound on the other hand is not as linear but fun and lively sounding. Good luck!