Anyone compare Linn Akurate vs. Ayre C5xe?

Has anyone ever had an opportunity to hear these two CD players and make a comparison? I own a C5xe and love it but
like the idea of having a multichannel DVD-A/SACD capable player. I am using a Denon 5910ci for the multichannle right now but would like to get a Denon BluRay player and
could use the input space on the pre/pro and shelf space.
I would sell the Ayre and Denon and buy the Linn and Denon BR and could pretty much solve my dilemma. But I don't want to give up the Ayre CD quality playback. I owned a Linn Ikemi and was very happy with that but that was before Linn's Silver Engine technology was available.
Or is a magazine that has done the comparision?
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