Anyone compare Lavardin with Sugden?

I am moving to a small apartment.
I will probably have Audio Note AN-J speakers in the corners, and a Rega Saturn CDP. I need a good integrated. Sugden A21SE or Lavardin IS Reference have come to the top of my list as a result of my reading. Has anyone compared these or can anyone offer some advice.
Room is 15 x 11. My music is all acoustic, mostly female vocal, no orchestras, no rock or heavy sounds.

"Seeking ecstacy through the female voice"

I will be returning a Sugden A21aP power amp to Stanalog on Monday not because it is a poor amp, but because 1) it generates too much heat (yes, I know it's a class A design) and 2) way over priced for what you get. I have chosen an ATI AT60 for my office system instead of the Sugden. It's build quality is probably a little better, engineering quality is probably equivalent and is 1/3 the price.

For integrateds, I'd consider Creek 5350SE, Rega Mira, NAD xxx or Bryston B-100 SST. The biggest negative of the Sugden integrated is that it does not provide both preamp out and amp in jacks so there is no way of properly connecting a sub and high-passing the main speakers. The Bryston would be my first choice.

You might also consider a sat/sub speaker system. You'll end up with much better performance. Think of NHT or M&K.
Hi Eril,

A Lavardin Is ref owner told me that he had the Sugden at home next to the IS Ref. The Sugden was no competitor for the Is Ref. He returned the Sugden imediately. It was, compared to the IS Ref, dull, slow and not open.
I am also going to by a Lavardin. It will be the latest IT. I am a tube owner ( Graaf GM200 en 13.5II) and the Lavardin is the only non tube amp that I like.
I have heard both, but not at the same time and use the Lavardin IT. I would say you can't go wrong with either. The Sugden is class A as you know, detailed and on the warm side of neutral. Lavardin is probably more detailed but not cold and clinical, faster too.. I understand the reference is a big step up from the basic IS.. The Audio Note speakers are high sensitivity and can cope with the low output of both amps , which are in the 30 watt range I believe. Audio Note are built with tubes in mind of course and you may get a better overall result with a tube amp
Bob, do you have a link for this ATI amp? It sounds interesting. Thanks
Cdc, sure. Here's the link:

I brushed off ATI many years ago as just a "mid-fi/home theater" amp company. But, once I found out that Seigfried Linkwitz ( was using them as the amps for his Orion speakers, well that changed everything.

I am amazed at the build quality. The thing weighs 32 pounds - there's a hefty transformer in there. It's designed and built in the USA for $500. I love having the input level controls. You can now correct any left & right imbalance due to acoustic irregularities in the room like furniture placement. This has a big impact on imaging.
You might want to consider the Audio Note OTO SE integrated with your AN/J's. A lot of people seem to like that combination. The OTO SE's 10 wpc should be just fine in a room that size. I happen to use an Audio Note M1 pre and P2 SE amp (18 wpc) combo in a room a bit smaller than yours. I originally bought my gear for a much larger room where I used it for several years, but for a smaller room in mind I would have gone with the OTO SE.