Anyone compare Klipsch Forte 3 vs new JBL L100?

Looking to see if anyone has any opinions between these two speakers. 
I have the Forte 3 and think they’re really good enjoyable speakers. Great dynamics, sound-staging and imaging. Real musical. Wondering if anyone has compared these two ? 
I realize this doesn't answer your question but I wanted to add my comment in case there are no direct comparisons to your question and I'm not able to get back to this specific question.
No, I have not compared the Forte III's to the L-100 but I do own the Klipsch Forte III's and the JBL 4319.
I can only imagine the JBL L100 does everything a bit better than the JBL 4319. With that said I'm very impressed with my 4319's. The Forte III has a wider soundstage and slightly better bass, I perfere the higher register of music on the Forte III's.
I have had Forte ii's since 1990. They work well with most music, on the bright end, but super clear. I use a 20 band EQ, shortly upgrading to a 31 band to see if that helps the music that doesn't sound as good. After 28 years I'm making a list of what albums sound best. For instance Sonny Rolling saxophone colossus sounds 100% perfect, just belts out that horn. Boston's debut album sounds harsh and muddy, too many instruments going on, can't get it clear. I would love to buy a pair of say, JBL L100's and have them side by side to compare. All it takes is $$$ :), so someday...........
You might notice the huge efficiency difference...99db for Forte IIIs (8ohm), 90db for the L100s (4 ohm). I have Heresy IIIs and that efficiency (same as Fortes) is a cool thing.