Anyone compare Furutech’s GTX–D NCF to the Synergistic Research UEF with Graphene duplex?

I am constructing a new room and thinking ahead to wall outlets and circuits, etc. I have plenty of Furutech GTX's in Rhodium and Gold and even a Cardas in silver to try out. This starts to get expensive but with graphene being the new tech on the street, it would seem the SR application of it might be pretty good but then the NCF has the nano-crystals and damping.

I'm not trying to overthink this but since I haven't even put up walls yet, I have plenty of time to see what others have experienced.

What say you?
I do have the Furutech GTX-rhodium, SR Teslaplex, Oyaide R1, and for about six weeks now the new Synergistic Research Black outlet with the graphene and UEF technology. I have not been able to find a source for the newest Furutech with a trial and return policy.

The SR Black has replaced the Furutech GTX-R in my system. I find it does more things right than the Furutech. Certainly all the outlets I listed are much better than an ordinary house outlet. The sonic results of wall outlet "rolling" are greater than tube "rolling".

I do like the Oyaide outlet holder with carbon fiber face plate to keep the outlet secure in the wall.

David Pritchard
Yeah, I have two of those Oyaide outlet plates, a single and a double waiting in the wings for this new room. Super sexy units.

I always felt the R1 was a little laid back. I liken the gold GTX to the R1 and the rohodium is livelier to me. I have only purchased the Cardas but never tried it having just bought this house in January.

I put GTX golds and rhodiums in my Audio Magic XXX Stealth to great effect.

Eventually I'll have to settle on something to feed the system. The graphene seems very attractive right now.
Yes the GTX-Rhodium has more air and sparkle than the Oyaide R1 and more fine detail than the SR Teslaplex. The SR Black to me has the best attributes of all the other outlets in one package.  I find it's sonic improvement to be quite remarkable.

David Pritchard
I would highly recommend the Oyaide R0 outlet mounted in the Oyaide WPC-Z wall plate. The R0 is an unplated version of the R1 and as such sounds more neutral. Oyaide also offers an unplated P004 male plug now as well. I just got a unplated version of the P004 but have yet to press it into service but will report out when I do.
The grip of the Synergistic Research Black outlet is fine. It is neither too loose nor so tight that it scratches the prongs of your power cords.

David Pritchard
Check out Audioquest new outlet.
It has a death grip so power cables stay secure.

Hi bugredmachine:  Reading through this post, I see that no one has answered your original question. I use  Furutech NCF outlets on my three dedicated lines from the sub panel. Prior to them I had the Furutech GTX-R ones in place. The NCFs have a fuller, more "organic" sound to them with a little more punch to boot. I too am curious about the Synergistic Blue outlets as I do have a blue fuse installed in my CD player and really like what it does.