Anyone compare Boulder Modified SB and Transporter


Anyone compare these units? I am looking specifically at the digital output as I run these into my DAC. I have a stock Squeezebox and find it is good for background listening, but I like so much more! I have recently acquired a Boulder Digital Mod SB V3 from a seller here on the GoN, I haven't gotten it yet...and will be interesting to compare a stock v modded SB.

Please let me know if you have any insight here. If you are making a comparison, please let me know related equipment if it is not listed in your system page.

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You will be pleasantly surprised...You also need to upgrade power supply to fully realize the potential in the sb...I would be looking at the Channel Island PS for the SB. IT really looks good and is priced very reasonably. I also use a TAD tube DAC that is really impressive with the SB.