Anyone Check Out Almarro Products Loudspeakers?...

in Vegas this past weekend? They look pretty medieval - was wondering if they sound good.

Here is a link to some pictures.
The Almarro M50A's (driven by 6 tube watts) were:

- Nicely balanced top-to-bottom. slight emphasis on upper midrange gave them good "jump".

- Very clean treble via ribbon tweeter. Not as extended or airy as a good SEAS but extremely natural (this based on a handful of tracks. CD player looked like a budget model).

- 8-to-10 inch woofer sounded very healthy considering the 6 watts. Uses one of the "super magnet" technologies.

- First rate crossover. Sat 7-8 feet away with no loss of coherence. Drivers totally integrated.

Cabinet appeared to be constructed by Samurai masters.

I didn't like the plastic plugs on the front baffle (to hold the grill cloth in place). These should be optional
on all high-end speakers (or builders should make them invisible). The made the speakers look to "busy".

A pair of these in a high-gloss premium verneer would become family heirlooms.

For $4,900 they seem to be a good deal. You said you jaw dropped twice... can you be more specific? What did you like about the speakers and do they compare to other speakers you've heard in the past?

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