Anyone catch Mother of Invention Don Preston ?

Have recently seen Don Preston three times with the Bobby Bradford Motet.The last time in Santa Barbara at a tiny theater.Bradford is a long time west coast scenemaker.His music is very diverse encompassing free jazz,soundtrack style interludes,berlin cabaret.These guys may play anything next!Bradford plays trumpet and it's many mutations,the group also has sax(s),trombone,guitar,and rhythm section.Don Preston is in top form on keyboards.They are playing around the LA area.Don't let the term "Free jazz" scare anyone off.It is more like the soundtrack to a movie in your mind.Reminds me a bit of Mingus in an Ellington mood.
Glad to hear one of the original Mothers is still making good music. Anyone know the whereabouts of Ian Underwood? Last I heard (about 10 years ago) he was a studio musician doing commercials in LA.

Jimmy Carl Black, when ya comin' back?