Anyone care to comment on Stone Image Audio

I'm looking for information on the Stone Image Audio Rothschild A2 speaker. Anyone have any experience with this product, or know where information can be had?
Never heard of them.
Where did you hear of these speakers?


Saw these little guys, myself, on Agon. Chasing their new site, only enters the abyss. Search for their name in yahoo, but click on "More from this site" when locating their Home site's fine print. Here's one:
I own a pair. They are wonderful monitors, beautifully finished in cherry cabinets. Check out the January issue of Affordable$$Audio, page 43.
Their web site:

I recently purchased the Rothschilde A2 from Agon member. Not big on first impressions, HOWEVER after a couple of days I realized I was listening a lot longer and more frequently. Very special monitors with excellent microdynamics (good, not great Macrodynamics), they have a way with timber and shading that is very musical and draws you into the music. This is one of the most enjoyable speakers I have owned and makes my top 2 favorites so far (the other being the Dynaudio 1.8 MkII). They are detailed yet manage to make most CD's enjoyable to listen to. Non exsistant listener fatigue and that says a lot!