Anyone care to comment on Orb Audio?

I was considering getting small speakers, and found the Orb Audio speakers to be aesthtically pleasing. Checked some reviews..and they look good, but it's hard to know if they are real users or just people promoting the product. I wanted to hear first-hand accounts of these speakers from enthusiasts and audiophiles such as yourselves.
Can't comment on sound quality as I've never heard them. However, they offer a 30 day in home trial. Plus they are running a flat $9 shipping sale at this time. If you don't like them, you're only out shipping both ways which can't be more than $30-$40 unless you get a sub. I'm probably the tightest person I know when it comes to money, but $30-$40 for a 30 day in home trial is a bargain by any definition.
Orb Audio speakers are basically Gallo Acoustics knock-offs and you get what you pay for. Want the best in this class of speakers? Get the original Gallo Micro or A'Diva. Don't care to spend that much and are willing to sacrifice sound quality? Get the Orbs.
I think the Orbs are as good or better than the Gallos (they are similar to the Ti series w/ the neodymium magnet). All you are giving up are the markups and middlemen.
I just got a 5.1 for HT only and build quality is great. Much better deal than gallo, however, I don't mean to trash gallo as they are fine products.
I just bought a 5.1 set of Orbs, Mod2s in the front, back, and center. I am using an Outlaw Model 1070 surround receiver with a computer as a digital server for my WAV files going through a Stello DA220MKII DAC with a USB connection. All I can say is WOW. These little speakers really have great midrange. Paired with an M & K MX100 subwoofer and I have been listening to my music with renewed enjoyment. I realize much of this is due to the outstanding performance of the Stello DAC, however the little Orb Mod2 speakers really allow the music to come through in spades. My reference system uses Avantgarde Trios in the front and Solos for the center and surrounds.