Anyone can find Owner of AudioPrism

I am Audioprism Hong Kong and China Dealer,  Now they own me money and Product.
I have no way to contact them.
I really no idea how and what can i do.
Would anyone can help me or any suggestion?


Sam Poon
CAS Workshop Hong Kong
Shop 276 In’s Point,
530-544 Nathan Road,YMT,KLN,HK
TEL:+852 23104647
Cell Phone: +852-60382905

AP Labs, LLC.

P.O. Box 24203

Seattle, WA 98124

(425) 922-2197

[email protected]

[email protected] 

He don't answer my call and reply my email.
Should i report to US police?
Will they accept report outside from us?

Sam Poon
US Police will not do anything as they have no authority over these matters. Maybe reach out to a few large US Dealerships directly to see if AudioPrism is still in business or if they are aware of any financial issues with them. Sorry to hear you are out money, so hopefully it’s not much as it might not be worth the fight. Best of luck.
Thanks for your reply,  luckily not too much money.
But i think still worth to do something.
The fact you are reporting it here, means plenty of all folks all over the World will know the company is having problems. That might make the compnay owner/representative respond. Even if it is just on this thread 
If I were the op I would carefully document all the problem and write them out here, by date.
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Yes, i hope everyone after saw the post or someone know
Byron Collett  or other owner Adrian Wun

Will  Formal response and handling the problem. 

PS.If i post they personal information is it ok?
Names are OK, home addresses no. personal phone no.
But the fact of why you need to get in touch them I would say is all right to do.
Particularly if you paid for something they never sent... If it is some other business arrangement?? Like you were planning on becoming a dealer?? You might want to check with a lawyer if it is a lot of 'he said this you said that', and no actual paper contract.

is show my company is still they China And Hong Kong Dealer

and we have  actual paper contract and payment receipt.

I paid US$35000 at 2018 march for being dealer and first order
until  2018 Nov still not  getting half of the order, and i start to contact them to asking refund until now. They don't answer my call, not reply my whatsapp and email.

After check the list and count the balance they still own me almost US$10000.

one of the own have family in Hong Kong, i trying to reach them.
And both owner stay in Seattle.

And i know one of them is working at amazon be some IT support.

I still think is it worth to go to US find them.

I am sorry they have cheated you. I hope you can get your money back.
really no one know these guys?