Anyone buys master tape dubs ?

They are $300-$600 from reliable sources. Are they worth it ? Not that I am thinking of it at present..

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I have just got in R2R recordings (Revox B77, MK2, 2T, HS) and have just purchased my first tape; Lyn Stanley, Live At Bernies. All I can say is wow! Probably the best recoded and sounding music source I have ever heard. That good, really did sound like being at a live concert. Love the music, but that recording and the sound on my system blew me away. Safe to say I am a convert to R2R recording. Yes, these tapes are ridiculously expensive, as is the production process, but, well worth the money IMHO.

I was so impressed with the Revox B77, I have decided to upgrade to a Revox PR99, MK2. Think it safe to say, R2R is my ultimate source material going forward.