Anyone buys master tape dubs ?

They are $300-$600 from reliable sources. Are they worth it ? Not that I am thinking of it at present..

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Does Studer A810 sound much better than Otari 5050 ?
You might want to upgrade later to Studer, I would think. Yes, extraordinarily expensive.
johnss, you are right, you are right. I hear the same from people playing tapes on their Studers and Otaris. 

Because tape is the only true audiophile medium. Fremer says that his Continuum turntable comes very close to tape. In other words, he says that nothing sounds quite like tape, even the very best vinyl set-up.
How do you store and playback digital copies ?
It is interesting that AD plus DA conversions maintain about the same sound quality. I would think that something would be lost, not to mention noise.
I see. Dealing with tape, besides superior sound quality, is such an audiophile endeavor. You really get in touch with things.

With prices so high exchanging tapes seems to be the way to go. But also because of many dubs that you just can't get unless you are or were in the industry. Including concerts that were recorded but never released.
I see. I would go with Studer based only on your description.