Anyone buy the Three Blind Mice re-issues (Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio etc)

Did anyone buy the 45 rpm lp sets (Misty, Midnight Sugar) from Impex?  I am trying to find out if these are 100% analog or sourced from digital?

nitewulf ...

I have a good friend who does work for Impex. I'll ask him for you. 

Impex was an offshoot of Cisco Music and was started by the daughter of the owner of Cisco when Cisco closed their U.S. operations. Everything I'm aware of that Impex and Cisco reissued were remastered by Kevin Gray from master tapes that were leased from the recording studios and pressed by RTI in Camarillo, California. But, I will ask my friend for you anyway, specifically re: the Blind Mice reissues. 

Nitewulf ...

My friend, who was responsible for selecting the recordings to be reissued by Cisco, says that the Three Blind Mice 45 rpm reissues are all 100% pure analog. 

Hope this helps ...

Nitewulf ...

Here's a cut & paste from another thread where I commented on one of the Three Blind Mice CD's that I have. If you don't have it, it would be worth tracking down:

  • Mari Nakamoto III (vocal), Isao Suzuki (bass), Kuzumi Watanabe (guitar). Three Blind Mice TBM CD 2556. 

  • Again, simply stunning. So real that it drew my roommate into the room with the comment that ... "you know, from my bedroom, I could swear someone was in the listening room singing live. Frank, this is amazing!" Now, this guy isn't an audiophile. He knows nothing about the hobby. He's been with me for only a few months now and this is the first high-end system he's been exposed to. He was amazed by what he heard this morning. Me too.