Anyone build a speaker using the heil tweeter?

I have been wondering what the heil AMT would sound like on a cabinet containg a couple scanspeak, or kevlar drivers. Any speaker builders or DIYers ever try this? Also are there any better sounding 10" drivers to replace the original in the ESS tower? Other tweeks also helpful.
i have mine mounted on the top of audire planar IV's using the heil for the highs, planars mids, and stereo subs for the lowend. occassionally i crossover just the heils and the subs for a mock amt-1 setup(minus the passive radiator) for a change of pace. i use a pair of active 3 way mono crossovers in the setup.
they sound great with every combo i've tried so far. amazing tweeter that few realize is still available from ESS for three bills plus ship. kurt
Yes I have and I'm glad I did. Heil amt1's with 6" Peerless in acoustic reflex cabinets; Bass handled by a sub-woofer with twin Kef bass speakers. Don't replace the 10" driver, just couple the Heil with a good mid or mid-bass in an appropriate cabinet. Because this was an exercise in minimum cost, I used the original crossovers from the ESS speakers. I thought I would try them first to see if it would work and they did. The crossovers have an attenuator for the Heil and I did have to dampen it down to match the Peerless. This system sounds far superior to the old ESS speaker configuration. I think it sounds just fine. The sub crosses over at 100.
I just ordered a pair of SEAS 8" mid-woofers, to try as replacements for the original drivers. I will be retrofitting them as soon as they come. I am also using a powered sub, which has made a great improvement. If the SEAS don't work with the old crossovers, then I'm going to bi-amp the system. Sonny
I mounted the Heils on B & W 804's without regard to the fact that the Heil's are supposed to support bottoms of about 1000 Htz and the 3 ways cross @ 4500. was about to modify the crossover when much to my chagrin the sound was great and superior to the original factory B&W's with my VTL stereo 150 amp and Conrad Johnson Premier preamp.

I believe that the configuration decreased the midrange tweeter cross. I am leaving it and believe that if B & W got off there high horse and teamed up their logs with Heils the result could be astounding. I don't know if I am foolish, but I love my sounnd. I think your rebuilding idea could surprise you. I believe the Heils to be an audio classic complete with a legion of devotees. Good luck.