Anyone been able to compare the SQ of Roon Nucleus vs. MacBook Air?

For the last several years I've wanted to reclaim my MacBook Air laptop for laptoping! I was thinking of 2 options. Trade my Mytek Brooklyn in plus $1200.00 for a Brooklyn Bridge or spend approximately the same money for a Roon Nucleus. My laptop has been plugged into my DAC via USB. I believe the Roon Nucleus could be hooked up the same way. Anyone been able to compare the two? It would seem a dedicated device would have less noise issues and time out issues. Is there a better way to connect the MacBook Air? Would a Mac Mini offer any advantages? Any advice is always appreciated!
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Get a NUC and install ROCK it's about 1/3 the price of a Nucleus and does the same thing. It runs 24/7 unattended , installs any updates in the background and if you get a fanless one is quiet. If you want to use your mac book you certainly can.
Thank you, @docknow. In your change, there was a second variable, the playback software (iTunes replaced by Roon). That may have contributed to the sonic improvements you heard.

Thanks for pointing that out.  My post is in error.

I started a Roon trial the same day as the day I purchased the Nucleus, and installed Roon on my MBP and got used to it while I awaited delivery of the Nucleus (confirmed this by looking at my receipts).  So I had about a weeks experience with Roon on the MBP before move the Roon core license to the Nucleus.  I would also add, there was no difference I could detect in the sound quality between iTunes/BitPerfect and Roon on the MBP.
For those who have built a NUC, what are the specs necessary and what software does it take to run?