Anyone been able to compare the SQ of Roon Nucleus vs. MacBook Air?

For the last several years I've wanted to reclaim my MacBook Air laptop for laptoping! I was thinking of 2 options. Trade my Mytek Brooklyn in plus $1200.00 for a Brooklyn Bridge or spend approximately the same money for a Roon Nucleus. My laptop has been plugged into my DAC via USB. I believe the Roon Nucleus could be hooked up the same way. Anyone been able to compare the two? It would seem a dedicated device would have less noise issues and time out issues. Is there a better way to connect the MacBook Air? Would a Mac Mini offer any advantages? Any advice is always appreciated!
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Just to be clear, I’m running Roon now using my MacBook Air as the core.
I went another route. Using a Small Green Computer I5 as a Roon server. Sound quality is fine and no dropouts. My Lumin is the Roon endpoint.
I think the point everyone is trying to make is... Do NOT plug a DAC directly into a Computer, including a Nuc... Find a Streamer to go between your Computer and your DAC for better SQ...

Re-Read rule #1 Suggested by Roon Labs... Linked here for your convenience...
I went @tuberist route.  I just migrated off a 5 year old Mac Mini to an ST i5 and Roon Core.  Nice piece of hardware and super easy setup and config. The endpoint is a Bryston BDP Pi with Manic Moose & MPD.   The jury still out on Roon SQ.  I listen to a lot of RadioParadise (RedBook FLAC resolution).  At this point Roon SQ literally pales in comparison to MPD in MM, when playing RP.  I am still researching configuration options to hopefully get it dialed in.  I need to do some testing streaming my Qobuz content to see if Roon hold up against MM & MPD.  If it doesn’t there is going to be an ST i5 for sale on here next year.  I’m not going to give up my SQ for an immersive interface.  I will just fudge that with multiple browser tabs open looking at (Wiki’s , Discogs, AllMusic etc).    
I have my Orchid DAC connected directly into my Nucleus via USB. Sounds sublime, no issues whatsoever. The Nucleus/Roon takes care of my streaming.