Anyone auditioned the Cardas Clear? I have....

I have auditioned the Cardas Clear, comparing it against the Golden Cross, and Golden Reference, the Audience, and a few others. To those who have auditioned it, what are your opinions of the Clear?
Hi, So what are your impressions?
I auditioned them through two high rez systems, and came to similar conclusions. One system was based on the Avalon Eidolon speakers, the other on Magnepan 3.6 speakers in a bi-amp and then in stereo amp configuration. The "Clear" is very good. Is the improvement over the Golden Reference worth the difference??? Well a improvement of 5-8% is the improvement. The stage was a bit deeper, wider, bass a little fuller, the midbass a bit better defined, a little more space between instruments, but the Golden Cross and Golden Reference are both good. Summary; the "Clear" is good, maybe one of the best cables I have heard, but will not make a 200.00 receiver sound like a Pass or ARC amp. This is for systems where everything else is tapped out and one is looking for a 4-5% improvement. I find cables to be able to change a single digit amt. of the sound, with speakers and placement a much larger percent as is amp/speaker matching. In balanced mode, I find interconnects to be even less of a difference, but our results were consistent with RCA and balanced option used.
Thus, listen before you buy, and if the economy leaves you 2K to spend on cables, hey why not if you have it???Jallen
....thank you Jallen ...but how did you come up with the two different %'s....what was that based off of ????
He is making a guess. Impossible to know every nuance of any system. It was clear to me:)
Just added a pair of Cardas Clear XLR Interconnects between my Rowland Synergy IIi and MBL 1511E DAC. Its been 48 hours since I've put them in and initial impression is that I'm really surprised by the weight in the bass. I also have the impression that the resolution compared to the Synergistic Research Acoustic Reference was better. At this stage I cannot say I'm too pleased with the bass but to be fair the cable need more hours to settle down.
My findings differ from Jallen's.The Clear IMO betters the GR by a substantial margin.
In comparison to the Golden Reference the Clear IC has ditched the closed-in top end and sluggeshness in favor speed and extension.
Soundstaging was also bettered in the already good in that regard GR. Harmonics improved, the GR sounding drier. Bass at first sounds grossly exaggerated, but after lengthy burn-in settles down.
Have a hunch that the combination of Clear IC with Golden Ref. SC could prove to be synergistic.
I just upgraded my cables to Clear XLR, Clear Speaker cable and Clear Bi-Wire jumpers.. all I can say is wow.. best I've ever heard. I also think that Clear is the kind of cable that one can build a system around knowing that cable isn't the limiting factor, in fact I found the Clear to be very invisible it has the least sonic signature of anything I've tried or used ( XLO Signature, AQ, WireWorld Platinum Eclipse, Synergistic, Kimber Select, Transparent, and others) It certainly doesn't sound like the G. Reference or any other Cardas If I was to try and pigeon hole it I'd say it's a lot like Nosdost Valhalla, but with more body, but even that isn't quite right..
How much is the Clear speaker cable around 2 meter? How much did you pay your speaker cable Erik?

Sorry about this newie question. I couldn't help this curiosity
I have a pair of clear interconnects and they are very good. I, however like my Siltech better.
Funny what was mentioned about the increase in bass initially with it settling down as the cables break in. I had the same experience with the Cardas Clear Power cable. When I first put it in there was a big increase in bass, the high frequencies were rolled off - it sounded kind of sluggish and muddy. Not at all appealing! But after a few days it sounded COMPLETELY different - extremely open with extended high frequencies, a deep, tight bass, and a natural mid-rage. It is also fast and articulate.
Cardas Clear is the best speaker cable that I've heard in my system. Now I'm saving up for a pair of Cardas Clear interconnects.