Anyone auditioned new Analysis Plus Oval 8 cables

I would like to know if anyone has auditioned the new Solo Oval 8 interconnects and speaker cables. I would especially like to hear from someone familiar with the performance of the previous Oval 9's for comparison.
Marc Mickelson of just reviewed these cables.
Thanks. I read the rave review from Marc Mickleson, however, I would like some input from individuals familiar with both. I currently have the Oval 9's and was considering upgrading to the Oval 8's for quite a difference in price. I was wondering if the price difference was worth the upgrade.
Mine are on the way (and I sent an extra set of my Oval 9's
in for a $200 trade allowance-about what I would have gotten
at Agon). After break-in, I'll report back. As with all AP products - cutting edge technology at "nice guy" prices! I will use them between a Spectron Musician II and Von Schweikert VR5 HSE's. Heaven!
Great, Daleda. When you have them broken in, let me know how you like them.