Anyone audition the new Thiel 3.7s yet?

Their website says they are shipping and I'm assuming they are in dealer showrooms by now. Just wondering what impressions people have of these mythical wonders? Do they live up to the hype?
The ad says "Prepare to be amazed" and I was, but after listening, I wasn't.
I had a lengthy litening session with the 3.7s at RMAF. I loved them. A possible gotcha is the type of electronics with which they are driven, which is usually the case,of course. I first heard them being driven by Brytan electronics. They sounded good, but with some hints of top end glare or courseness. After that, the rep switched them over to a stack of Simaudio electronics, including the W7 stereo amp. They sounded really good! The top end was not what you'd call warm, but was not sterile. It was brilliantly clear with loads of subtle detail. I'm currently shopping for speakers and if I can afford just a bit more, I will give them very serious consideration.
I finally listened to a pair and as a longtime 3.6 owner right away I noticed the family characteristic was immediately apparant. There is a touch more mid-bass warmth but the transparancy, coherency, and pristine clarity is there. Interesting, they are quite a bit shorter than the 3.6 but deeper, don't know where this puts the tweeter in regards to ear level, the cover was on. I must say they are not bad looking! At least with the grill on!