Anyone audition the Martin Logan Prodigy?

I am putting a system together, and i am comtemplating of using the martinlogan prodigy with the cassablnca II. If anyone has audition and has had some listening time with with the prodigy, please do foward your immput to an audiophile looking for and outstanding acoustic experience. Patou.
E-mail to thbonephile(?) I think he has a pair for sale.
I've heard them several times. Once with the new Krell mono blocks. The bass blends better to the panel than on the ReQuest, but still plays catch-up to the panel. Clear mid of course. Many speakes are more dynamic than electrostats. Let me know if you need more info.
I've owned the ML Aerius for 7 years, so I am familiar with panels. I spent about an hour with the Prodigy. Great bass extension. A powerful and dynamic speaker. But, oh, the detail! All of the things I love about panels. A great speaker!
I heard the Prodigy at a HiFi show here in Sweden. Brent from M-L played some nice sounding CD´s, the bass was better integrated than in previous designs (I´ve owned Sequel II, SL-3 and reQuest) but the sound was a bit too analythical (cold) to my ears. Anyhow, it´s a great speaker.