Anyone audition/own the new McIntosh speakers?

Hey everyone
I just saw a pair of beautiful Academy LS360s go for a song on ebay and they got me curious. They really look great and seem to have all sorts of interesting design details. Anyone listened to them? I found only one review and it said they are outstanding. Any comments on this new series would be cool as no dealers around me have any. Thanks
I heard them briefly a few weeks ago in a less than ideal listening arrangement, driven by Carver electronics. They had a lush, full, somewhat warm sound, very listenable. They were not, on the other hand, terrible good at resolving detail in complex passages, nor were they dynamic enough for my taste.

As I say, the arrangements were not ideal so don't put too much confidence in my appraisal of the sound.

I have read also that they are not overly detailed which is why I am interested in them. Thanks for the info.
I think they are extremely detailed, especially in the upper range. They have the 5 tweeter bessel array that is able to provide great highs, extreme detail and at the same time not be bright. The bass is also very good. You can hear pitch changes but not as clearly as the best sealed designs. The midrange is very natural as well but they are slightly dark in the midrange. Check out under the speaker reviews. I think they compare very well against the B&W N802. If you like the N802 but find the highs too bright, then this maybe the speaker for you and at 1000.00 less. I've heard everything on Stereophiles class A list over the last year. This is the speaker I decided to purchase because it offered me everything that I was looking for. The center channel is also excellent and can handle 350 watts and has the 5 tweeter bessel array. For surrounds you can use either the LS-320 which is a bookshelf but has an 8 inch driver so you can get some real bass in the rear channels. The option that I chose for rears is the WS-350 in wall speakers. They have the 5 tweeter bessel array, a midrange and the eight inch driver for bass and can handle 350 watts. The LS-360 is excellent for two channel but the system really blends well with surround sound. I MEAN REALLY BLENDS WELL. The soundfield is seamless and all of the speakers have the same tonal balance. The only other speaker company that I have heard that matches its surround packages so well is Revel. Mcintosh is the last company that I would have thought about for speakers but they have done a superb job. I was intially so biased that I didnt't take them seriously. I suggest everyone put their biases aside and give these speakers a serious listen.
Glad to hear it! I have been really wanting to like these speakers but just can't find any to listen to. I figured they are good since I have heard some McIntosh XRT25 that were simply fantastic. Thanks for the info. Arthur
I recieved my Mcintosh WS-350 speakers the other day. The first thing I noticed was the build quality. I had no idea that Mcintosh built to such a high standard. The in-wall speakers have to be assembled so you can see the internals of the speakers. I am the type that always takes apart everything that I buy to see what the insides look like. Yeah, I was one of those kids, lol. Anyway, everything about this speaker is quality. I've seen in the insides of A LOT of gear. This is the best craftsmanship that I have seen. Mcintosh, isn't playing around. They are serious about designing stuff to last a life time. One peek inside will prove it.
mac speakers are superior in many ways the one thing is they sound very powerfull unlike most high end speakers came across something similar between a/d/s/and b/w the latter had no detail no distortion because they didnt offend you if you play black sabath its not supposed to sound soft mac speakers in my opinion are the real deal and i mean every mac speakers even the xl1 small speakers from 1990 go to the xrt20 or newer line source and you wont find a better value
I'm still very happy with my LS360. The only thing that I like more now is the Krell Resolution stuff but not so much that I'm motivated to change. I'm amp shopping now. I see the same kind of comments about the amps that I read about Mcintosh speakers before I took the time to listen for myself. There is a lot of hype both pro and con about Mcintosh. After sitting in a room with both B&W and Mcintosh speakers on the same system and prefering Mcintosh, I realized how some are really so biased as to offer good opinions. I hope that I will like the amps as much as I love the speakers. If not I'll go elsewhere. Some of my audiophile buddies kind of smirked when I told them that I'd purchased Mcintosh speakers. But they know me and that I've auditioned a ton of brand extensively so that prevented them from just discounting my observations. All of them that have been over to listen are thrilled with the speakers. Funny,considering all of the remarks I got before they ever heard them.