Anyone audition Lexicon MC-12?

Other than the SGHT review, I've not seen any review of the Lexicon MC-12. Those on the forum that were going to upgrade from an MC-1, what happened? How good is the MC-12? Is it worth the $$$?
I haven't, but there are a LOT of folks over at the SMR Home Theater forums who have. They have the Lexicon official site. If you're really interested in Lexicon you really want to check out that forum:)
In the current edition of the german paper "Audio" there is a test of the MC-12. Their reference was the MC-1 and so they compared the MC-12 against the MC-1.
The MC-12 easily and by far surpassed the MC-1 in all areas. Beside the additional features these were the top areas of sound improvement: More natural sound, more dynamic and direct sound.
Bottom line: The MC-12 is the new reference of Audio (Germany).
I auditioned a MC-12 and ordered one. I don't know about any bugs that might show up, but I replaced my PAV/PDSP with the lexicon and I sure liked my proceed pieces!