Anyone audition Cambridge Audio 551R AV Receiver?

Has anyone had a chance to listen/watch audio and video from the CA 551 R? I'm wondering how it compares to the Marantz 7005 around the same price range. I'm looking for simple system for a living room system...good for 2 channel as well as 2 channel home theatre as I want the reciever to process video from my cable system and LG 3d tv.

Looking at either Oppo 95 or Cambridge 751...with dyne audio X12 bookshelf speakers.
I spent some serious time listening to the Cambridge 551($1200) versus the Onkyo 5010($3000) over the last week. The Onkyo had very good video processing and it ends there. The Cambridge sounds like a nice dac with 7 channels of amplification. Is it the Total dac, no but it is much, much cleaner sounding than the Onkyo. The Cambridge has decent top end resolution, separation, images and it is just much easier to listen to for TV, movies and most importantly music. If you are looking for a feature packed receiver, look elsewhere but if you want clean sound and have fairly efficient speakers, than look at the Cambridge. I have also owned your Marantz as well as the 7009.

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