anyone audiophiles/audioholics in Buffalo NY

just wonderin' if there any audiogoners here near Buffalo NY.
I was a member of the WNY Audio Society for a number of years

Western New York Audio Society
PO Box 312,
N. Tonawanda, NY 14150

I could not find an email or web address for them however.
Perhaps Bill Feil at Audiofeil International might know more about their current status and weigh in on this.
I am downtown in Allentown. Chris
Yeah, we're out here. We're probably too whacked out to have any chance at integrating into civil society but we're here. I know at least three others in the region. We ought to have some sort of mutual support sytem.
Hi Gill,
I think we corresponded previousily.I'm located in Tonawanda.I believe you're in Kenmore,right?
I was a member of WNYAS for various years at various times. I produced the WNYAS newsletter for many of those years ("The Transmission Line").

I have a file folder with WNYAS member lists, newsletters, and other information. If anyone might find this useful, I'd be happy to hand it over.
Not from Buffalo, But I worked at The Sound Concept in Rochester, NY and recently started my own shop . I know I have run across a few WNYAS members as some of you would come down to check thing out.

Anyone still viewing this thread?
  I responded to you back in 2011. I'm still alive and kickin in the hobby.